Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Chapter

Today I am offically removed from the Revision program through Kaiser. I feel sad but relieved at the same time. I just know that mentally having a bypass done, well I’m just not right in my mind for it. Not that I don’t want / need to loose weight because you know I do BUT I am truly afraid of going from throwing up with a lapband to dumping with a bypass. I just feel like right now my body and mind need time. And yes, I did cry about it. Many times in fact.

Today also is my first day of trying something new. A day by day program of using TruVision system. It sounds super simple of 2 pills twice a day. It is supposed to give me energy and curve my eating/cravings. I just need that little boost to get going. I believe in my heart it’s the right time for all of these choices.

In addition to dropping out of the revision program, I’m on a waiting list for a series of nutrition classes. I guess that it has become a popular class therefore it has a waiting list of 2-3 months. From the description it may be something very useful to do. Risk my comfort zone level. Eak!

Has anyone ever heard of Fatty Liver? Welp, my surgeon mentioned after my surgery that my liver seemed large. So I asked my primary care doctor to re-read my bloodwork and past tests to see if something was wrong. In my trip to the ER before there was a notation on my MRI that I may have possible fatty liver. Yeah thanks fuckers for not telling me. So with me persuing info about my own body to the doctor I now have to look into this issue. An ultrasound , fatty liver scan and a 2 hour fatty liver class. Now are on my calendar.

Please lord, help me as I need to loose this weight so it doesn’t turn into anything else.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2 Weeks Post Op

I am now 2 weeks post op and I’m getting back to normal life. The first week is very clear you should take it easy with light walking. I’m so thankful for my mom and husband who helped with the kids. I couldn’t even pick up our youngest. I think she was mad at me all week. The second week I had no help. It was a good thing though as I needed to move my body, get use to my core muscles and eating solid foods.

So far my cuts have healed very quickly compared to stitches. I have some glue coming off each day. Two smaller insisions are now glue-less. The two biggest things I notice is where the top of my stomach is, there is not lapband so it is no longer firm under my rib cage. I never noticed it but now it’s gone I can not feel it’s tightness. The second thing is I can not rush eating or eat larger portions. I’m thankful for this. Even though there is no band I feel full with smaller amounts & if I swallow to large of food I feel a light pain. I guess when your body is in a constructed form it will take awhile to ‘feel normal’

 Life is moving on...

I’m going to with drawl from the revision program. I’m just not mentally ready to do gastric bypass. I feel as if I’d go from lapband life of throwing up to bypass life of dumping. I just want to be healthy with mind and body. The surgery did scare me so I’m just not ready to continue with a revision.

Weight today : 219

Friday, September 21, 2018

I Made It To The Other Side

I have had no energy to post but it has been 4 days since I’ve had my lapband removed! It is definitely a different experience than having it put in.

Surgery Day:
Check in was at 5:30am. The operation time was 7:30am. My husband was with me and he doesn’t like hospital settings. So he cracked jokes or said things that were not nice. I know it was because of nerves but definbdid not make me feel supportive. Once checked in, you wait till they call you back to prep you for the OR. Gown change, IV set up & overall stats done. Made me very nervous I actually started to cry. It didn’t feel like I was there getting ready for very long but I was prepping for that hour. Once my husband came back to wait he got freaked out. I think he needed a setative more than me. I asked for one right before they rolled me into OR. I just got super scared & said my goodbyes to my hubby. Not a good feeling.

In OR I moved to a table and laid at a down ward angle. I think it was because it stretched my stomach area. But felt very odd. I made small talk with one dr about why he went into what he did. Then I heard part of his answer then was out.

After I remember waking up on and off to the sound of someone snoring. I asked if I woke up like that too. But faded in and out. I was told it was about an hour. I recall the snoring man, an older woman and then another man moaning really loudly clearly in a lot of pain. They all were in the spot next to me at some point.  After my surgeon was done he consoled my husband I was okay but wouldn’t let him back until I was completely awake. That was upsetting to him.

The next step was to take you to another bed, back where the prep room was. To change out of the gowns and to get help putting your clothes back on. This is where I saw my husband. The checkout nurse then takes you to a sitting area where you just kinda chill for a bit & wait for hubby to bring car around. I walked out of hospital which was a big walk and I owe it to my meds that made me able to do that.

Since then:
I have been napping less each day, finally pooped, went from clear liquids to soft foods. The first bite of eggs was amazing. It hurts to burp or clear my throat. I am glued shut versus stitches so I can shower. That has helped greatly. It’s been a struggle but each day is better and more mobile. I’m debating if I want to even have the revision done now. It’s hard to step away from being a mom/wife duties and effects my entire family. I’ve got a lot to think about while I recover.

Monday, September 3, 2018

It’s offically Lapband Removal Month

T-Minus countdown days starts NOW!

It is September and I am offically getting nervous for my surgery date that is quickly approaching ! To have this lapband removed will be a coordinated effort between what little I can do, what my husband can take on, and then how much my Mom can step in to help out. We have 2 small children to coordinate in the mix too. Both of which are too small to understand what will happen. I’m not wanting them to visit me while I’m in the hospital. I think that would scare my eldest too much. It will all work out in the end but just this anticipation is nerve racking.

This week I see my surgeon for a pre op appointment as I’m hoping to get a clearer run down of what I need to do to prepare. I also have to do a few remaining bloodwork. Im going to make a list of questions I need to ask when I’m there because I typically forget most of them.

One question in particular I’m curious to find out is how many patients who have the lapband removed choose gastric sleeve versus gastric bypass? Another Doctor mentioned to me that 75% of lapband revision patients who choose the sleeve end up coming back for another revision to gastric bypass! That number is astonishing to me. It definitely makes me consider bypass now. I haven’t found much online about it but coming from a Doctor who sees thousands of gastric cases per year, well it makes it something to consider. I’m a bit more nervous thinking bypass could be a better option but messing with the intestines and dumping syndrome makes me timid. Dumping is still present in the sleeve but percentages are lower.

I’ll post once I learn my next step!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Date Is in the books

Surgery scheduler called and I now am the proud owner of a Sept 18th surgery date. This will be my first to remove my Realize Gastric Band.

Scared it’s becoming a reality. Excited to move on.

Friday, August 10, 2018


Today I completed my lab work. Blood, stool and EKG.

I knew I had to do a stool sample. Eww. Normally they give you all your poop collection items as you leave. They request you do it at home then bring it back. I’m ahead of the game today. I pooped in a ziplock and brought it with me. Something about a bacteria that lives in your intestinal area is what they need to test.

(I’ve been collecting my child’s poop all week as she swallowed a marble. Something like that they don’t remove. Come on, I had to make sure it was out. 5 days later.)

Any how, me being an overachiever kinda grossed out the lab tech. Ha ha ha. Never again, but saved the extra trip. Man, it was stanky!

Next I await my lab results and hopefully schedule an appointment with the Doctor that gives me clearance to move forward in the program.

Weight for today: 228.0

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

And So It Begins

I’m offically enrolled into the Gastric Revision Program.

This means I’m waiting for a surgery date to remove my lapband in one surgery, then a second surgery will be scheduled for the gastric Sleeve at a later date. I have to go through the 6 months process to do the second half because of Kaiser’s process. I think that is extremely long but rumor has it some patients clear early.

I went to 2 classes thus far. An orientation class & general nutrition class. Each 2 hours. I learned a few new things from the Nutrition class & id like to learn more. The other class was just an over view of the 2 surgeries they offer & steps that need to be completed. All very familiar but a bit more lengthy than when I got my lapband 9 years ago.

Things I’ve got to do now are blood & stool lab work. Then start the classes for bariatric surgery. Unfortunately for me, Kaiser’s bariatric Program is booming so I won’t start these classes until October. 

It’s kind of a waiting Point right now. I don’t have to do anything for the lapband removal BUT I do have to wait until the surgery scheduler calls. It’s a holding period in my life because you have to stay available for a date to come up. That’s frustrating as I’d like to know so I can plan it around my life. 

Nutrition class 2hr
Orientation class 2hr
Blood lab work
Stool lab work
Meet with Dr to be approved for surgery
Sleep study or clearance of
Classes 24 weeks 
Lapband removal surgery
Gastric sleeve surgery

Monday, July 9, 2018

It’s my Surgeons Fault

Finally! I had my surgeon follow up appointment from all of the abdominal pain I’ve been having for over a month now. In my last post I mentioned I went to the ER and left with the diagnosis of a swollen esophagus. Well today in my appointment I stood over the surgeons back and asked him to show me my CT Scan & explain the swelling. He looked at me confused as the ER evaluation he was looking at stated there was no swollen esophagus but swelling in my fat under my ab muscles.

Now why was I told one thing the. The paperwork says something different???

I’m visual so I asked him to show me in the CT imagery. Well it showed the swelling there kinda like a storm cloud when the coloring of the scan should of been black. Clearly my body was pissed about something .... The Dr took total blame and said it seems like when he tried to do the fill last time that maybe he injected the 5cc’s into the scar tissue instead. Poking and injecting in the scar tissue or he caused me to bleed... well which ever one of his assumptions has sucked because of the pain it has caused me.

He then asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I want him to take it out and possibly do a gastric sleeve. The magical internet has shown me that both can be done in the same opporation... but Kaiser does not do them together. I’m looking at 2 surgeries and up to 6 months of hoops to jump through just to get it all done. Now if I just want the band removed that can be done just by scheduling and could be done as little as 2 months. Just a matter of when he has an opening.


I left there disappointed. Still in minimal and mild pain. Now with 2 very big surgeries to consider. Since doing this entire process now puts a hold on my husband changing his job. New job would mean new insurance and more delay. I’m suppose to start looking for work after 3 years of enjoying my stay at home mommy mode. Where does this surgery land? I can’t put off finding work either. My husband never agreed with me getting the Lapband so once these issues started he chimed in and said “i told you so” kinda crap. He has been thin his entire life and never once had to worry about weight loss so he does not get it at all. I love him dearly but positive support is what I need.

Another long sigh...

Weight today : 225.0 lbs

Sunday, June 24, 2018

My 9 Hour ER Visit

Could not stand the pain last week so I drove myself to the ER. I went in for abdominal pain.

They drew blood and a urine test, then hooked me up to an IV for dehydration. Now this is over a span of 9 hours, mind you. The doctor recommended I do a CT scan of my belly. Check out in detail of what may be going on with my lapband that is causing pain. Now, this causes a major concern for me because I am allergic to contrast dye. Red flag for me. Tons of back and forth between one doctor to the next and then a radiologist finally allowed me to get one done. BUT then I had to have a standard X-ray to see if there was any Barium fluid from my Upper GI X-ray the day before. My oh my. THey then gave me some allergy medicines to help prevent any reaction to the contrast dye. At the end of 2 sets of X-rays and the CT Scan I now know my lapband has caused my esophagus to swell where it is attached.

Pain in my entire abdomen and my lower back is caused by a single area of swelling. It has now been a total of 3 weeks. The pain is less as I took it upon myself to read a bit online about what others have gone through. Some stated to do a soft foods or liquid diet to help the irritation go down. So that is what I have been doing since Friday. I'm 3 days in to soft foods and protein shakes. (I really don't know how I lasted so long before not eating in Pre-Op). This will get me through till my July appointment with the GI Surgeon... Which is another 2 weeks away!

Weight : 217

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sitting and waiting in pain

Yep, that’s right... Pain. I feel like my lapband May have slipped? Im not really sure though. I feel like the more I read online the more confused I am getting.

I had met with my new surgeon at the end of May. His attempt to do a fill was unsuccessful. I was okay for a week. No pain, could eat more with less restriction. A week after seeing him the pain began. It fluctuated through the day, couldn’t lay on my left side, port pain & swelling. I had even called in to get an appointment since the pain was so bad. The earliest appointment is July 9th. I’m pissed about how long away it is to get in. So sitting in pain for 3 weeks isn’t fun for anyone. I even had a nurse relay information about my pain to the dr. she said take pain meds. And if it’s gets worse to go the ER.

During my waiting period  I had a standard X-ray 2 weeks ago & this week I had an upper GI X-ray. You know, when you swallow the thick liquid and they record it going through your throat - stomach.  Nasty. But was able to watch part of the monitor to see what was going on. Clearly I was looking at the port and loop around my stomach. It wasn’t clear enough to see if it was in done or out of place.

Not cool waiting. Sigh

Weight : 222.2